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November 03, 2008



I got baptized yesterday Nov. 2. The baptism service went really well. I even got excepted for church membership. (sigh) Along with Mr. and Mrs. Huntington and Timothy Smith.

October 19, 2008


I had a lot going on from last Thursday too now (Sunday). On Thursday we went to pick up a trampoline on that I found on on the way to see Katie Karosas Senior Recital at Penn State. On Friday we did skeleton school because my birthday was the next day. Isaac and I set up the new trampoline. It's awesome. We had a soccer game that day. I scored too tie it up too 1-1. Since I scored after being in for five minutes, which is to bad because I was benched the rest of the game (you can only score once). After the game we picked up a bunch of kids for a sleep over. It was fun. I got some neat stuff. I'm now 14. On Saturday their was the soccer alumni game. It was also Ashley Hoffman Day. We were razing money for a Girl from our church who has cancer. We found out they raised over $7,500. They were selling fifty dollar pies and different things like that. I got three hamburgers. They good. I also went to the face painting station an Mrs. Huntington fixed me up with a mustache. Problem is that every other boy by the end of the day had a mustache if not a beard. Alumni beat us 5-2. One guy was a professional soccer player for a Christian team. I''m 14

October 03, 2008

Gold Fish or Piranhas?

A fish died in our tank. The rest of the fish picked him clean.

A I think we'll start feeding them more and keep our fingers out of there.

October 01, 2008

I win

I scored my first soccer goal ever yesterday. 8^) Ever.

September 26, 2008


September 23, 2008

Me and Batman

Photo editing reaches a new high.

September 18, 2008

Get Ready. ARrrrgh!

Suggested phrases: Shiver me timbers!, ARRRGH!, I will keel-haul you!, I will brain you!, you scurvy dog!, Oh yeah? well when we get to shore...,

September 15, 2008

Fred's Place 1

September 09, 2008

Fred's Place

Once upon a day I made up a few comics using Dilbert characters. They looked like this:(If you have trouble seeing a picture click on it)

Not funny. But I was only 13 then. My brother happened to be there and said I should make up my own comic characters. I got some paper and started sketching a few idea's. It looked like this:

I decided I would call the comic Fred's Place. The main character is Bob. His son in the diaper is Baby Bob, the cat is Earl, and the bird is Billy. The kid with the black hair is Ernest. The finger man at 11:00 o'clock didn't make it.

After that I decided that he was a janitor. I made up a few coworkers and a boss. Then I made some comics.

I liked those pretty well. I made quite a few that night. A lot of time passed and I decided to redo the old comics. the final version looked like this:

I hit 90 comics the other day.