...said in a low, deep, dramatic voice

October 26, 2005

head for the hills... Its Judd!!!

Merv has seen his days in battle but then again, we all hafta' go sometime.

October 18, 2005

My interesting childhood

And now on October 18 I have had 10 full years of being a joy to have around!

a sick birthday...

I have not been sick since christmas 2004. And of all the days to get sick I had to get sick at 6:00
AM October 17. The day before my birthday! I so far have watched the "fellowship of the ring", "the two towers" and an entire DVD of "Popeye The Sailor"

October 16, 2005

Avocado laundry days

October 10, 2005

Don't worry......Be happy!

October 06, 2005

My Bro.

My brother has now gotten a blog. It is very funny. [I have found that you can tell by the links.] To look at it click on .

October 05, 2005

The Dwarf's Surprise

The Dwarf's Surprise

This story starts at the end of another story. That story ends at the beginning of our story. At the end of that story the men with the help of the horses, rabbits and wizards fought the battle that has been titled "The War of the Worp" because the worps and one wizard were on the bad side. Worps look like frogs, and are about 4 feet tall and slouch a lot. I'll tell you about them in a poem:

Worps deserve burning to their corps.

When you stab them they pop.

It will make you hop.

Now where was I? Ah yes. The men won that battle. An hour after, the king died at the age of 134. An hour after that, the king's son was crowned king. His name was Henithso. After he was crowned, he gave a speech:

"Thank you, all. Today I have been crowned king and I have now thought of something that I am going to do. I am going to make a holiday called "Kingsmas" day. It will celebrate the war that was won today. The name is in honor of King Hethelendeer's death. On that day we will have a feast to which we will invite the wizards, the rabbits, the horses, the men, the babies, and the dwarves, if they can make it, but it's a feast so they will make it. Also on that day, you must bring a present to give to someone, or you will not be allowed to enter. We will also have games and entertainment. This holiday will be held here tomorrow. Thank you."

Everybody got ready for the holiday. The dwarves got there once they heard the news.[the dwarves were not there when the speech was given.] One very special dwarf's name was Kielook, son of Kierook. Kierook was a rather special dwarf himself. He is the one dwarf that went to the Great Dwarf Wars and still lives to tell about them. Well, Kielook is a very kind dwarf and one of the few dwarves that knows the meaning of the word "manners". The other dwarves thought he was stupid because during a battle he would say, "Isn't there a way that we could do this without fighting?"

"No, there isn't." was the reply. Kielook heard about the feast and that you must have a present to get in. He decided to give a present to the new King. He found the most princely thing in his home and put it in a beautiful handmade box. The next day all the dwarves got their armor on and marched to the castle. The dwifs [dwarf women] and dwarflings [dwarf children] followed. When they got there the guards made sure they had presents and let the dwifs and dwarflings passed. But for the dwarves it's a different story. The guards said to the dwarf king, "Where are your presents?"

The dwarf king said, "Let us pass or welcome your own doom!"

Suddenly over 50 arrows were flung at the gate just missing the guards heads!

"Oh, I see. Welcome."said the guard.

The dwarves matched in. The feast was gigantic! The dwarves were given chairs that were higher than usual and all sat down. The dwarves were far past ready for the food. Once it came the dwarves started devouring their food. Most of it was gone before the king sat down.

He said, "Dwarves! One more bite and I will have you thrown out!"

A dwarf whose name was Buffen took a bite. "Have that dwarf who just took a bite come here!" said the king.

When the dwarf got there the king said, "Will you please exit."

"Not while there's a breath left in me!"Buffen replied.

Two guards came and took him out the gate, two miles into a forest on horseback and left him there with no horse. The feast went smoothly after that, as the dwarves were better behaved. Then present time came all the dwarves, men, wizards, horses, rabbits, and baby's [baby's are a different race.] got out there presents. Kielook got out his present and went toward the king's seat.

"King, I have brought a present to you that nobody knows about besides me, my parents, my grandparents, my brothers and sisters, my aunts and uncles, and my 1st 2nd and 3rd cousins. I give to you this."said Kielook.

He handed the box to the king. The king opened the box and inside was a diamond. The diamond was red on the outside . But the neat thing was that you could see straight through it. On the inside it was green, purple and blue. It gave off a very bright glow. When Sharkoo the Blue [wizard] saw the light he went over and said, "That is a wizard stone. They are like the stones I use for power. That is a kingly gift!"

The king thanked him and said, "If you ever need help, come here. You are the only person that gave me a present."

The dwarf went home and felt very good for a few days. Of course nobody in that world ever found out that on their holiday, Kingsmas, that on another world people were celebrating a holiday called Christmas.

- Written, edited and translated from the imagination by Jud.G.Herson

October 04, 2005

Alien Dates

I lately have been in the habit of making cardboard costumes. I recently have made space suits for my nephew and niece, Chloe and Sorren. Chloe seems to like to wear her hat as if she were a dutch girl.

October 03, 2005


I went to California. It was very fun and we went to very many art museums that I liked everything about except the art. I am very glad my father took me to them though because I learned new things there. Like that one or two hundred years ago all art looked the same. I'm not kidding I saw two pictures that were both titled "A Portrait of a Woman." there may not have been much variety there, but I guess back then they liked to see one-hundred fifty-seven different ideas of what king George looked like. And modern art works all look very much the same to. If I ever made a bit of modern art I'd frame a piece paper and name it "A White Sheet of paper [go figure]". A good museum is the Getty that has the most amazing building and garden I may have ever seen. It was neat. Later we found out that it cost one billion dollars to build. I also enjoyed the model train museum. My favorite place was legoland. The best ride I may have ever ridden was the knights tournament. Basically they strap you in to this large robotic arm that swings you round and round flipping you upside down and at every angle I can think of. There also were amazing legs models that I am going to put on this website. legoland was very fun and I recommend it. :)