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October 03, 2005


I went to California. It was very fun and we went to very many art museums that I liked everything about except the art. I am very glad my father took me to them though because I learned new things there. Like that one or two hundred years ago all art looked the same. I'm not kidding I saw two pictures that were both titled "A Portrait of a Woman." there may not have been much variety there, but I guess back then they liked to see one-hundred fifty-seven different ideas of what king George looked like. And modern art works all look very much the same to. If I ever made a bit of modern art I'd frame a piece paper and name it "A White Sheet of paper [go figure]". A good museum is the Getty that has the most amazing building and garden I may have ever seen. It was neat. Later we found out that it cost one billion dollars to build. I also enjoyed the model train museum. My favorite place was legoland. The best ride I may have ever ridden was the knights tournament. Basically they strap you in to this large robotic arm that swings you round and round flipping you upside down and at every angle I can think of. There also were amazing legs models that I am going to put on this website. legoland was very fun and I recommend it. :)


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Sounds like a great time! I'm in Atlanta this week. We went to the Coca-Cola headquarters today. And since you are recommending legoland, I'll recommend the Coca-Cola headquarters. It was really fun.

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That was me above. For some reason I couldn't log in.



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