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May 07, 2005

Trash Attack!

The trash was sitting there.
Then up arose my hair.
For it looked alive.
In a pool a person was to dive.
The trash looked alive.
I could not see the street,
The trash covered up my feet.
If only I'd seen
That the street needed to be cleaned.
But now it was too late,
For May '07 was the date!
We could not kill them because we had no trash cans
In all the lands.
That was our lack,
When the trash began to attack!

I was there when it happened. I invented a time machine, went into the future and when I got there, to '07 that is, I got out of my time machine and walked down the street. It was a mess! Trash covered my feet. The air smelled like someone put rotten eggs in a cake and burned it in the oven!

Then I saw something move along the ground. At first I thought it was a small animal. But I noticed it didn't crawl. It sort of vibrated along the ground. Then I realized it was trash! Then lots of other trash started moving around the ground.

An alarm went off. The army came running in, wearing gas masks. Then the trash started clomping themselves together to make a large trash man. The trash started attacking the army!
"Oh, no!" a soldier cried. "They got Sam!"
"Speak to us Sam!" cried another. "I"m...I'm...BLAAAAAHH!!!" said Sam.
"Oh, no!" said a soldier.

Then I realized the trash was dangerous! So I had to help. I got in my time machine and went back to '05. I got a trash can and went back to '07. I started picking up trash as fast as I could. I found the army and showed them how to kill the trash by putting them into trash cans. The army told the factories to stop making weapons and start making trash cans. Because of one person doing something, everyone was saved.

Start picking up trash today so you can make a difference too!

by Judson Greene


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