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April 29, 2006

Play-doh people interview #1... Computer Geek Frank

Wellcome to the first of our play-doh people interviews! Today's interviewer is Computer Geek Frank.

Q:How are you doing Frank?
A:In a word... fine.
Q:So. What do you do for a living?
Q:I mean what is your job?
A:I make computers out of play-duh for Mold-creesoft.
Q:Is it easy?
A:Yes. Play-doh is very easy to mold. The bad part is things can get stuck together.
Q:Have you done any special things for Mold-creesoft lately?
A:Yes. One time their was a play-doh shortage. I molded myself into 58 computer systems.
Q:Amazing! Thank you for joining us today Frank and thank you to!


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