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July 23, 2006

Two in 1 day.

Today I lost 2 teeth in a matter of hours. The first one I lost was on my way back to my house after Church. I didn't know it was loose until I felt it rolling around in my mouth after biting a now and later. Then after eating Sunday dinner I discovered another one which I worked on for an hour or so and finally got it to come out. So today I doubled the tooth collection I've started recently. And now I'm finally losing my 3 year molars.


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are brave. when i was losing my teeth, i hated it and made it a huge dramatic thing. i had to have 4 teeth pulled you know. that was when i had braces. i was too crowded. i had teeth filed down too. to make more room without pulling. first i had some sort of retainer and head gear, and then i had a retainer that was cemented in, then i had these huge appliances i had to wear all the time, you couldn't talk with them in, or eat, which both of those things is hard for me NOT to do, and then i had another type of retainer. i can't remember them all. then i had braces. it was supposed to be for two years, but i only had them for one. which was nice. then they got taken out, and now i have the clear retainers that i wear at night. they are called "essex" retainers which i personally think is kind of funny, because essex is also a very well known brand that supplies superb riding pants, breeches, and boots. high quality stuff right there. i don't actually have any of their supplies. they are too expensive i think. like, a pair of boots costs about 900. somebody gave me tall boots. just shows that it pays to wait. anyways. i'm glad you're a brave person. it means that you will have an adventurous life...i think...whatever. : D

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. did i mention that you have herculean type qualities?

At 2:19 PM, Blogger greenemama said...

when ernie and i got married he was cleaning out boxes of his stuff and there, in the midst of cool stickers and patches, multitudinous decks of playing cards, and funky bits of paper were all of the teeth he'd ever lost. in a jar, a baby food jar, ironically enough.

no comment as to the whereabouts of said teeth. we did not string them for costuming purposes.


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