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November 22, 2006

The Mustache

I know mustache is spelled rong[rong is just a joke :)]. The Mustache show is a series of short films that greenefilm is making. The origanal idea for the mustache show was a video game called "LEGO starwars:the video game" were you can buy a seting that give your players moustaches. I made one out of clay and then made a movie with it. The origanal movie did not have the little weird guy with the french acent in it. Also it was first called "Facial Hair" not the mustache. At first I thought they weren't very funny. I was just playing around anyway. But my brother Caleb saw it and thought it was hilarious. So I kept going. We have previously made six mustaches. However myself and Isaac don't have the programs to post the mustaches that we've made I hope to have more posted soon. The place to look at the mustaches we've made is either type or go to my links and press on "the Moustache".


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